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Studio Portrait FAQs

EXCLUSIVE STUDIO PORTRAITURE – your questions answered

Your Portrait Session

Q. How long does a session last?

A. We allow 45-60 minutes to create your images.

Q. How many people can I have at my portrait session?

A. Our studio can comfortably accommodate four to five adults. Please advise us if there are more people to include. Please note: For health and safety reasons it is not possible for us to accommodate spectators at our premises.

Q. What happens if we cannot make our appointment?

A. Your session time is specially reserved for you. We appreciate that sometimes people become ill and, if this occurs, we will try to help as much as we can to re-arrange your appointment. If you do need to change your appointment for any reason, please give us at least 7 days notice and we will be happy to re-book for no extra charge. Less than 7 days notice could incur a charge of up to £50 depending on the type of session.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in when standing and sitting. Aim for simplicity and blending rather than contrast and clash. If a particular style/look is sought, please talk to us in advance of your session.

Ladies: if doing your own make-up we suggest that you apply it to give your skin a smooth, even colour; wear blusher and define lips & eyes; no glitter in the make-up. Longer sleeves are best if you’re worried about your arms.

Men: avoid big bold logos. Keep it casual with a simple T shirt and jeans or grab your ‘James Bond’ suit for a classy look.

Q. Can I bring along my own props for the portrait-session?

A. Absolutely, our photographers love new ideas and are happy to include some of your favorite things, but please let us know what you intend to bring first.

Q. How many photographs will be taken?

A. We will take a variety of images for you to choose from, usually seeing between 20 and 40 portraits. In fact most customers love so many images that they find it hard to make a selection! But don’t worry we will be on hand to offer advice.

Q. What is included in the session fee?

A. The session fee is for the creation of your portraits, the time spent with you and the preparation of the images prior to viewing. Together with the production time of any orders, this can frequently add up to several hours. Therefore, it does not include any images. Any products you wish to purchase (excluding prizes, gift offers, promotional deals etc.) will be additional.

SESSION FEES (these may not apply in the case of a prize, a voucher or other offer)

Portrait session studio                                 Saturday                            £150

Portrait session studio                                 Tuesday to Friday             £100

Where appropriate, the sitting fee is payable at the time of booking to confirm the arrangements.

The Viewing

We are constantly looking for new images to use for competitions, exhibitions & for the promotion of Bailey’s Photography and may use your pictures in print, on our website, on social media or other method. You must let us know if you have any objection to this.

Q. How do we see our pictures and how long will the viewing take?

A. Your images are shown at your own special viewing session on a large screen. We will be on hand to help you select your favourites. You will need to make an appointment to come back and see the photographs, so please bring your diary along to the portrait session. To give you enough time to make your selection, we allow up to an hour for the viewing.

Q. How long after my portrait session will the photographs be ready to see?

A. We aim to have your images prepared for your preview from about 7 days after your portrait session.

Q. Who needs to be at the viewing?

A. All of the decision-makers and anybody who may wish to buy finished products, as there is nothing for you to take home or available online to view again later.

Q. Can you “smooth out the lines”?

A. The pictures are individually balanced for colour and contrast to bring out the best in quality. Sympathetic retouching can be done for things like blemishes and unkind shadows. We do not charge for this service unless specific retouching is requested.

Q. How long will it take to get my images?

A. After your viewing/order, we allow 6 - 8 weeks for your order to be completed.

Q. How much do the images cost?

A. We offer a wide range of finishes and frames in different sizes, in order to give you a unique portrait for your home. How much you spend will be determined by the number and size of portraits you decide to buy. Small framed gift products start from £85; bespoke wall art starts from £295, albums from £795. Because we know you’ll love the images we show you, we do sometimes have special collections and products that will enable you to own even more of your favourite portraits.


Q. Are there any stairs to the studio or viewing rooms?

A. Yes, all major facilities are on the 2nd floor and are accessed by a flight of steps.

Q. Are there any extra costs?

A. We ask for a deposit for every client’s portrait session - this is taken as a gesture of goodwill that you intend to come to both your photo-shoot and viewing appointment. Providing you attend both appointments, the money will be refunded or can be used towards any photographs at your viewing.

Q. Who do I contact if I have any questions or queries?

A. Please call 01394 283079 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Q. How long do you keep the images?

A. We aim to keep your ordered images on file for up to a year and, if storage allows, will keep them for longer, but cannot guarantee this. Un-ordered images are deleted.

Q. Who owns the copyright on my images?

A. Please remember Baileys Photography retains the copyright to all images taken at your session.

Q. Can I take pictures during the portrait session with my phone?

A. No. You are having a portrait session with us as professional photographers with many years of training and experience, whose job it is to create stunning pictures, which you would not otherwise be able to capture. So we insist that we are the only camera users during our portrait sessions.

All prices include VAT at the current rate and may be subject to change without notice. All major credit cards accepted.

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