Families - markbailey


How many times have you said ‘we really should have our family portrait taken soon’ - and how long will you keep saying it?

Your children could be young and lively, or reluctant teenagers, or about to fly the nest. They could even be starting a family of their own. No matter what stage in life your family is at, you will never regret having your family’s portrait taken, although you will regret not doing it.

I believe that it’s not just about how we look, but also how we feel, and the importance of the pictures in the future. It’s about looking back and remembering a time in your life which means something to you. This is why I feel it’s important to have pictures taken that are about who you are as a family and what you do together - they should reflect your lifestyle, be relaxed, natural and spontaneous.

It’s important to realise also that a great deal of time and effort is put into your images prior to you viewing them. I will provide you with high quality imagery & a bespoke service, all of which is reflected in my pricing.

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